Build customizable bundles & kits with dynamic discounts.

3 Best Product Bundle Strategies for Shopify

Product bundles are a great way to grow your online store. There are many benefits to bundles that include increased average order value and getting rid of excess stock for your less popular items.

With Shopify, you have more control with your store. The options are endless. In order to cut through the noise, here are 3 product bundle strategies that can help take your store to the next level.

1. Mix & Match

Cross-sell shoppers with the same product.

Example Promotion:

Buy 5 for 20% OFF

Example promotion: "Mix, Match & Save."

With products that customers buy in bulk, let them with choose their own. From socks to underwear, watch straps and jewelry, a popular e-commerce tactic involves batching product variants at a discount.

2. Kit Builder

Cross-sell shoppers with complementary products.

Example Promotion:

Complete the Kit & Save 20%

Example promotion: "Build your own kit."

Build your own skincare routine. Complete the outfit & save. The use cases are endless. Accessories and other similar products provide shoppers real value that enhances the product they are shopping for already.

3. Multi-Level Discounts

The more shoppers buy the more they save.

Example Promotion:

Buy 5 for 20% OFF

Buy 4 for 15% OFF

Buy 3 for 10% OFF

Buy 2 for 5% OFF

Allowing customers to choose their own adventure creates incentives that match their risk tolerance. From a store management perspective, this strategy allows for reduced risk and motivates larger order sizes.

Looking to add bundles, kits, sets, or package deals to your Shopify store?

Tier enables Shopify stores to build bundles & kits with multi-level discounts directly on product pages. Purpose built with swapping and customization to fit your store’s cross-selling needs.

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